Innovation to reduce infection outbreak in hospitals!

Innovation to reduce infection outbreak in hospitals!

An infection acquired in a hospitals setting is called a “Health associated infection (HAI)” or “nosocomial infection”.


These infections can be transmitted within nursing home, hospitals, other clinical settings.

they can originate from outside environment,or be contracted via bed linens or air droplets, infecting both clinical staff and patients.

In some cases, the bacteria settle on the patient’s own skin, harmless until the patient undergoes certain procedures that compromise the protective skin barrier.

In other cases, the source of the infection is impossible to determine.


I would like to share this article with you because, I believe such innovations are more important to making medical progress. This one is espacially interesting !

  +       = reduction spread of bacteria 


Copper nanoparticules may be used in anti-bacterial uniforms. This would aid in reducing the spread of bacteria in hospitals.

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