Legionella in University of Windsor

Legionella in University of Windsor

Legionnaire disease is a potentiel fatal lung infection. It appears with legionella contamination.

One year ago, April 2017, at Windsor University the water was shut off during severals days because of legionella presents in pumbing systems.

In consequence, each year they do water analysis, that lead to in April 2018 the closing of buildings again.

No student residences are affected, according to a spokesperson for the University of Windsor.

The affected buildings are:

  • Chrysler Hall Tower
  • Lambton Tower
  • Essex Hall
  • Vanier​ Hall
  • Leddy Library West
  • Leonard and Dorothy Neal Education Building

To discourage the growth of Legionella bacteria it’s recommended keeping water temperatures outside the range for ideal growth (20C to 50C).

Using disinfectants, preventing water stagnation and performing regular maintenance of pipes will also discourage the bacteria’s growth.

People with a weak immune system are more at risk, and have to be careful. Legionella spread throught air droplets, and areas with humidity.


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