Legionnaires’ outbreak in Melbourne

Legionnaires’ outbreak in Melbourne

Legionnaires’ outbreak in Mebourne shopping center and Airport West.


Last week had been detect legionnaire’outbreak in Melbourne. Indeed, three men had been in hospital after visiting the same areas in Melbourne and contracting legionnaire’s disease.

The department of Health and Human Services is investigating a possible link to cooling towers in Gladstone Park.

Cooling towers are areas, where the bacteria legionella could proliferate, contaminate water droplets and be reject in atmosphere lead to legionnaires disease for people who are near the colling tower.

Symptoms of Legionnaires’ disease evolve over three or four days. So people who went in Gladstone Park between mid-April and earlier this week, who suffer from pneumonia should do test for Legionnaires’ disease.

New cases of Legionnaires’disease may occur up to mid-May because the onset of this disease, can take up to 10days after the first contact with the bacteria.


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