Bronx hospital discovers legionella

Bronx hospital discovers legionella

Legionella bacteria develops in many areas, and hospitals, camping and hotels have to be careful with the summer and potentiel contamination.

In Jacobi medical center in the Bronx, a legionella contamination was discovered after a routine test of the water potable systems. The area is closed and the hospital use bottled and filter to protect residents.

The disease, a type of pneumonia, is contracted when people breathe in water vapor that has the bacteria Legionella, which grows in warm water in spaces like hot tubs, humidifiers, hot water tanks, and cooling towers.

The detection of the bacteria at the New York hospital comes weeks after the city’s health Department reported an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in Manhattan’s lower Washington Heights neighborhood. As of now, one person has died and 27 cases have been reported, according to the department.



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