Increase of Legionnaires’ disease

Increase of Legionnaires’ disease

 The number of Legionnaires’ disease increase

Department of Public Health of differents areas give an alarm because of the rising of Legionnaires cases.

Indeed, in Ireland the data showed that the number doubled with 10 cases in 2016, less than 2017 with 25 cases resulting in four deaths. The HSE’s Health Protection Surveillance Unit said “The incidence of the disease is now 5.3 cases per million population but 13.8 per million among those aged over 50 years.”

People who are over 50 years old are more sensible to have Legionnaires disease if they are present in areas where the contamination is possible.

In Ottawa and other countries, had reported in 2016 309 cases and in 2017 348 cases of Legionnaires diseases.

It is very impressive and important to note that we try to do many things to reduce the potential contamination and despite that the contaminations rise.


Legionnaires’ disease is more common during warmer months because that’s when temperatures are ideal for bacteria growth.


SOURCE Ireland

SOURCE Michigan

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