About this blog

About this blog

Who is behind this blog ?

Marc Raymond,
Director of the company aqua-tools,


Water is a primary element for many structures, industries, and also for Humans. However, lots of bacteria developping in water and some of these are pathogens. Thi is the reson why, water is regulary controled. This blog, is a source of informations about the importance of bacterial risks in water, e.g Legionella.

Also find actualities and information about this subject




Innovative company specialized in water safety plan and Infection Control  Solutions for
Healthcare and nursing home against Waterborne pathogens Including Legionella pneumophila  :

• Healthcare facility for nosocomial risk management ;

• Public building to manage legionella risk for sanitaries water and cooling towers

• industries have a trace of quality clean water  or water use in process


aqua-tools is present in 3 domains related to water  :

       Terminal filters           

aqua-tools Inc opens a new office in Boston for legionella outbreak solution! 

To access at the USA website click here

     ATP-metry activity


     Ballast Water